Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ridiculous Life Highlights

I'm finally getting around to updating my blog with a quick Vegas and Maui recap. My week back has been absolutely crazy already. My first day back at work, I worked until 7:30 am finishing up a document and I had to fly to New Jersey for a quick biz trip (it took 13 HOURS to get back from Philly on Thursday night).

No tears for me though...that's what you get for slacking off and too much play the last couple of weeks.

I thought I would change up the format of my recaps to keep things interesting. So I'm breaking down my vegas trip in Letterman style lists.

Top 6 Poker Moments
I played a LOT of poker this trip. There was one day I played 3 times in 3 different casinos. Long story short..I sucked this trip. Out of I think 6 different poker sessions, I was up twice, even once, down 3 times. But there were many good times had revolving around poker:

1. Edward Moncada
This had to be one of the coolest parts of the trip. On Tuesday night we went to a penthouse in the Palms where Tony and Andy's friend Edward Moncada ... was having a small party. He had a great reason to celebrate because it was the first time they were showing him play poker on ESPN. Ed won just under $300k at a WSOP event this year. It was awesome watching it with him, because it was the first time he watched it as well. We got his behind the scenes commentary ("You guys will love this hand coming up", "Although it seems like I called right away, it actually took me about 5 minutes", " her face coming up, it's great") that added a whole new perspective to watching poker on TV. There were also a bunch of other poker pros in the meeting them was kind of cool as well. And there was jumbo shrimp....yum.

2. Private Table No-Limit at the Silverton.
At about 4 am, 6 of us went to the Silverton to play poker. They opened a table just for us (1/2 NL) and since we were all friends they only charged us a $1 rake. I love this place.

3. Getting cut-off.
Same night at the Silverton, about 6 am rolls around and we are all just RIDICULOUSLY drunk. I mean ridiculous. Nalin attempts to order another drink, the cocktail waitress checks with the pit boss and he says "No" and we are cut Vegas?! Well, that just won't do, so Nalin's response:
"If you don't serve me more alcohol, I'm taking off my clothes".
Amazingly, that actually works and they started serving us again after Nalin takes off his shirt at the table. You would think that would be extra reason to not serve us anymore.

4. 9 am Poker Tourney
Still the same crazy night. The Silverton has a poker tourney that starts at 9 am every day. Amazingly, Nalin, Dana, Aaron and I decide to play after a quick breakfast (dinner?). I am on about a total of 6 hours of sleep in the last 72 hours, still drunk and still drinking, but it was a cheap buy in so we figured what the hell. I ended up making the final table and finished 5th out of 30. I was only 2 spots out of the money!! F@CK! The turning point was where I got my rockets busted on someone's bad call and unlucky turn. If I won that hand I would have been tourney chip lead. Oh well..that's poker baby.

5. Balls of luck.
On one of the last hands of the tourney, I had just a few chips left and I say to my chips out loud at the table: "You guys are my last hope, don't let me down, I'm going to rub you on my balls for good luck". I then proceed to rub the chips on my balls as the rest of the table yells "fold". Hahaha. I'm sure it was just a coincidence that they happened to fold that hand.

6. Monday Night Poker
We go to play at the Silverton again on Monday night. In the course of a couple of hours we do 15 shots of vodka each. Holy body hurts. A sign of how unsober we are? Tony cashes out his chips and left all his money on the counter and we left!! Hahaha..luckily they know him and set the money aside.

Top 5 Nightlife Moments
Vegas is also all about the nightlife. Over the course of the long weekend we went to Studio 54, Drais (twice on 2 different nights), Voodoo lounge (oddly 3 different times in the same night), Lure and Light.

1. Girls Gone Wild
At one point in Lure, we randomly stumble across these 2 girls and somehow start talking to them. Next thing you know..I'm directing them for the following pictures. Like Evan was like a car accident, you couldn't help but to watch.

(I think that's my hand...)
2. 30 min black out
So as some of my previous blog posts have show, I sometimes have a tendency to black out when I drink a wee bit too much. However, I had a saying all weekend: "Vegas memories are too good and precious to lose to black outs". So no matter how much I drank this weekend, I made sure I ate a lot and kept myself in check a bit. Precious memories. Yet somehow, I had a 30 minute period in Lure where I blacked out. I know it must have been only about 30 minutes because:
a) I remember getting there
b) I remember meeting Andy's friends there
c) I remember leaving, going to play poker for a few hours, then going back to Voodoo lounge until about 7 am.
If you asked me the next day if I "lost" any memories that night, I would have almost guaranteed the answer was no. However, when I started looking at some of Andy's and Evan's pictures...I couldn't help but to raise my eyebrows and think: "I did that?". In this short 30 min blacked out period apparently I was hugging/mauling people I don't even remember meeting and I guess there was some biting involved.

3. Nalin's ID
On Sunday night Nalin ended up leaving the house without his wallet. WTF! Who does that in Vegas? This could have resulted in bad times, but it surprisingly worked out. At Light, Nalin just kind of walked past the bouncer. We then went to Drais, and I did the license pass back with him. I went in first, took a step back and gave Nalin my ID. This story is made the funnier when you think about what Nalin and I look like:
(Nalin, Me, Andy @ Voodoo Lounge)

Nalin show's the Drais bouncer my ID and the bouncer literally stops Nalin and says, "Hey, let me get a better look at you". At this point, he gives his best "Chinese" impression...and somehow the bouncer just lets him in. Awesome! Good work Chinaman.

4. Voodoo Lounge - Round 3
As I mentioned earlier, I ended up going to Voodoo Lounge 3 times in one night. On the third time, i got there around 6 am. It turned out to be a pretty crazy scene because a Pimp'N'Ho party ended at The Orleans and migrated to Voodoo. And there were a lot of Pimps and Hos out! Voodoo Lounge is also really cool because it is on the roof of the Rio and has an enormous deck. It was pretty amazing to get this amazing view of the strip, in the day, around all these drunk Pimp's and Hos.

Ahhh're always there for a good time. Thanks again Tony for your excellent hospitality.

Maui was lots of fun. I went with Tony to a wedding of his co-workers. Here are the top 5 highlights:

1. Telling everyone that Tony and I were on a gaycation. It was hilarious for Tony to introduce me at the wedding to his friends..and whenever he said friend he would use "air quotes" or we would wink at each other.

2. General beach frolicking. Maui is a pretty chill place...not like Waikiki at all. The beaches are much more mellow in Maui. However, it was still great to just hang out on the beach, get sun, and play in the surf.

3. My friend Melissa. Randomly, my friend Melissa was in Maui on vacation with her family. It was cool to hang out with her in such a random place. Stella Blues...yum!

(Tony, Melissa, Will)

4. Volcano Bike Ride - Tony has always wanted to do this. It's a bike tour where they drive you to the top of Maui, you watch the sunrise, and then you bike down the volcano. It is a really relaxing 40 mi bike ride ALL DOWN HILL. The sunrise was beautiful and the biking was relaxing..but it got a bit boring after a while. It also sucks that they literally pick you up at 2 am to bring you up to the volcano. And still get to the top at 4 am and just sit around for a couple of hours waiting for the sun to rise.

5. Room service breakfast on our hotel room balcony overlooking the ocean. I LOVE room service.

It was a great gaycation...but a bit exhausting when it was preceded by Vegas craziness. Literally, the expression most often mentioned between Tony and I in Maui: "I'm sleepy". And no..that was not to get each other into bed. :)

Alright..back to real life! I hate real life...


At 9:46 AM, September 19, 2005, Blogger evan said...

viva las vegas. let's do it again!

At 10:48 PM, September 30, 2005, Blogger Van said...

yes you have a ridiculous life. I cannot believe you and Nalin used the same ID. Is that bouncer insanely nearsighted or what?

At 10:37 PM, October 21, 2005, Blogger h =) said...

i can't stop laughing!

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