Monday, May 02, 2005

Chillaxing Weekend

This last weekend was a complete 180 of my last crazy weekend. I pretty much kept it pretty low key, got to spend some awesome QT with Elena, and just relaxed.

Friday @ The Cellar

OK, the wekend wasn't completely chill. We (Elena, Nalin, Veronica, Anna-maria, Nicole, Bree, Sarah, Kristine, James, Mary, Shannph and Cecil) ended up at the Cellar on Friday night. The Cellar is right by my place and it use to be dark, dingy, hot as balls and a little cheesy. The y recently renovated...and it is a bit improved. It's nicer inside and the hip hop room is much better ventilated that you don't sweat on the person beside you while you dance. The place is still a lil cheesy..but that could have been because the main room was playing 80's. I'm still not a huge fan of the place, but the drinks were cheap (a round of 5 drinks was about 25 bucks) and it's easy to get on the I would give this place another try (especially if they are playing house music in the main room).

Saturday @ Santa Cruz

Elena and I woke up early Saturday morning, slightly hung over, but we were motivated to spend the day together in Santa Cruz. The tides were perfect for a day of surf at Cowell's. The weather could have been better, but the surf was pretty fun. I busted out my waterproof camera again and got the following decent shots:

(ridin a nice lil right)

(Dad and his son)

(Dad and his son zoomed in)

(one more shot of the dad and his kid)

(zoomed in again)

The pictures of the Dad and his kid alone made the Santa Cruz trip worth it. They looked awesome together and the kid just looked FEARLESS. I guarantee I will be doing this with my kids....

Elena and I ended up killing some time watching The Interpreter. It was just so-so...not even worth really writing a review about.

Sat Dinner @ Buca Di Beppo
Sat night was dinner at Buca Di Beppo in Campell for Elena's cousin Derrick's birthday. I know as a San Franciscan (adopted) I'm suppose to hate chain restaurants, and especially someone who use to live in North Beach...I'm REALLY suppose to hate chain Italian restaurants, but I gotta say I really enjoy Buca.

It's total comfort Italian food...huge portions, good taste, friendly service (especially for a big party of 30) and it's cheap. After equally dividing up the was about $20 bucks each. No complaints about this chain restaurant from me.

Sunday Relaxing
Sunday was a great way to end the weekend. A beautiful run through the Marina, drinking coffee in the sun with Elena, winding down watching a movie on my couch and eating Indian take out for dinner...

It wasn't Vegas..but this weekend was still heavenly.


At 10:42 PM, May 02, 2005, Blogger Van said...

man even your chill weekends are better than my semi-active ones. Friday - stayed home to do homework and watch Simon pack. Saturday - took my laptop to Christine's and did homework while Kev, Tine and Denny played GameCube. Got sleepy by 12:30, home by 1am. Sunday - had to go shopping by myself to get a dress for all the damn weddings I have to go to.


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