Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Sharky Surf

Went out for a surf with Archie and Richard this morning @ Linda Mar. I think I still have a hang over from Vegas (details in my next post) and I was struggling a bit at first. But the waves had some shape and it woke me up a bit. It was really beautiful and glassy out and there were some nice shaped lefts.

As we finished up our session, we were talking to Patty (of Patty's Dog Posse - Dog walker/sitting business - 415.864.1948) who is a surf regular in the area. She was surfing at Rockaway (another beach about a quarter of a mile from where we were surfing) this morning by herself and she saw a shark! She said the fin looked pretty big so that likely discounts it being a baby. She's a regular so she knows the difference between dolphins and whales (who I have seen out) and sharks. Crazy shit. Maybe I was wrong...yikes!

Well anyway, I also just found out that Elena was at the beach this morning drinking a coffee and she actually got a couple pics of me surfing! I'm pretty stoked about her taking these pictures because I just don't have a lot of me surfing. The pics are from the same wave where Archie (right) and I (left) caught the same wave together. What a great set of pictures! Thanks honey!! Click below to see larger sized pics.

(left to right: Will and Archie)


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