Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My new "Surf Crew"

I went surfing this morning at Linda Mar. It was an absolutely beautiful morning. I got to the beach at about 6:20 am and the sun was just coming up without a cloud in the sky. But it was COLD out...I think about 50 degrees (10 Celsius) out. The water was also pretty cold...someone yelled out in the water that it was about 47 (8.3 Celsius). I have no idea how they measured that though.

Anyway, I went surfing with my co-worker Archie again. This time, 2 of his friends came.
  • Avery - Who is a lawyer with the Federal Reserve. About late 30s or early 40s and has been surfing for about 3 years.
  • Richard - Who is a consultant with Edgar Dunn. I think Richard is in his mid/late 40's and looks like he has been surfing all his life. The guy shreds it up out there. He must have caught more waves then all of us.
These guys are great. They are all obviously much older then me..but they are incredibly young at heart. They come out in the morning at 6:30 am, dive into freezing cold water, talk about their jobs, families, crack jokes and spend the morning surfin and whoopin and hollerin (is that the expression)? They are also fearless in the waves. Surfing with them just this one morning made me a better surfer.

During the Fall, Winter and Spring months I am normally surfing by myself. Elena's a bit too "fair-weather" to surf in the cold so I do mostly solo sessions. It doesn't help that my original surfing crew (Doug, Cat and Katherine) don't live in SF anymore. I've actually gotten use to surfing alone and rather enjoy the peace and solitude. No worrying about whether your friends are catching any waves, deciding to get out of the water whenever you feel like, and the complete serenity of being out in the water with just your own thoughts.

But after surfing with Richard, Archie and Avery this morning, I re-remembered how great it is to have people you know out in the water with you. You get your friends telling you "sweet ride" and inflating your ego; you get to raise your arms in celebration when someone in your crew catches a particularly wicked ride; you get those moments when you all catch the same wave, look up and see that we are all riding this beautiful miracle of nature and we all can't help but to grin and smile like 10 year old boys playing doctor for the first time. It's a beautiful thing.

So I look forward to many more sessions with my new crew and hope they keep letting me surf with them even though I'm a young whipper snapper.


At 12:47 AM, April 20, 2005, Blogger evan said...

glad to have you back man. two great posts, especially this one.


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